From Our Family to Yours
Happy Holidays

We like to take this time of year to pause, reflect, and really take the time to be appreciative of all of our blessings. It's a time to enjoy family and . . .

Who are we kidding?!?

That may be our social media picture life - but let's be honest - by December those of us with kids (especially school age kids) are white knuckling our travel mug as we skid into to the parking lot for drop off 3 minutes before the bell rings.  We've spent the last 83 straight mornings struggling with shoes and hairbrushes. Our pinterest lunches have turned into jelly sandwiches shoved into already crammed backpacks (where does all that stuff come from?!?).  The to do list seems endless.  Who has time to remember to switch the laundry over - never mind take a moment to pause and reflect?  Add an almost-2-year-old and a very pregnant tummy to kindergarten drop off and most days I'm about ready to throw that travel mug at the crossing guard.  Forget about decorating and gift buying and baking  Forget about Christmas.

We get it.

We live it.

So for the month of December we're throwing in FREE gift boxes and holiday cards on any purchase of $40 or more. Simply add a 'gift box' to your order and enter discount code "GIFTOFTIME" at checkout.   If you want we'll even fill out the card and ship it right to them for you.  Because we know what you want for Christmas - what you really really want for Christmas - is time. 

Use the 10 minutes we're saving you to pause and reflect.

Or to reheat your coffee for the third time and scroll through Instagram. 

We won't judge - we promise.


Angela & Lainie

best gift ever