Some days work doesn't feel like work! Like this day for example. We headed out to Crescent Beach in White Rock, BC with bags full of KEWE Clothing, a handful of kids and Jen Morrison from FourLeaf Photography, a local lifestyle photographer I was lucky enough to connect with through Instagram!

I often mention how thankful I am for this social platform, not only is it a great way to gain exposure for a small business, it has introduced me to so many wonderful people and has allowed me to connect on a much deeper, more personable level.

Whenever we plan a photo shoot I always envision the children (often under the age of 3) frolicking around so gracefully, their faces overjoyed, grinning ear to ear eager to follow directions! HA! Let's be real... that NEVER happens!! It's typically a bit of a gong show and yet I'm always BLOWN AWAY with the photos!! You really gain a whole new appreciation for this skill set when you see what really goes on behind the scenes.

KEWE Clothing - Pink Geo Cloud Tee


But don't leave it all in the hands of your photographer. Here are some things I like to include and take from each set:

    1. Brings snacks. Preferably tiny bite sized snacks that are dry (like crackers) that can be handed out throughout the duration of the shoot. Keep common allergies in mind and try to stay away from things that may contain peanuts.
    2. Make the most of your time with the photographer and prepare multiple outfits in advance. Having a few outfit changes may also come in handy for an inevitable accident... 
    3. Water. Especially if you are shooting outdoors. It's important to stay hydrated! 
    4. Wet wipes. No explanation needed. 
    5. Spray bottle to tame that mane. 
    6. A reward. I like stickers, so I think I will incorporate those into my next shoot. They are relatively clean and always a crowd pleaser when your dealing with kids! I have attended other shoots where rewards like suckers are offered at the END of the shoot. This gives the kids something to look forward to and may help get the job done faster. 
    7. Bring your own camera or camera phone and take some behind the scene shots of the photographer in action! Even if your a far cry from a photographer yourself, everyone loves to see what goes on behind the scenes and they are always fun to look back on. Just be mindful not to disrupt the shoot in any way when doing so.
    8. Keep it natural. Kids will be kids, focus more on tidying up your surroundings and capture those candid moments. Keeping the background free of clutter or dark objects will be less distracting to the viewers eye. 
    9. Sit. Have a child sit to limit mobility in order to help catch the finer details.
    10. Don't be afraid to collaborate. If you can incorporate items from other local vendors without distracting from your vision or brand I would encourage that! Cross promotion benefits everyone involved and it's a great way to meet like minded individuals in your industry and form genuine connections. For this shoot, we teamed up with the Friendly Rooster, who carries a large variety of children's foot wear including brands like Tip Toey Joey, Me in Mind, Livie & LucaNative Shoes & so much more! 

     KEWE Clothing - Pink & White Geo Cloud Tee's

    KEWE Clothing | DOPEKID Tee

    KEWE Clothing - Cool Mint Joggers & Let's 'Bee' Buds Tee | Friendly Rooster shoes

    KEWE Clothing - Cool Mint Joggers | Friendly Rooster Shoes

    KEWE Clothing - Let's 'Bee' Buds tee | Friendly Rooster Shoes

    Friendly Rooster Shoes


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    Sign up as a member at Friendly Rooster to be automatically entered in a monthly draw to WIN a free pair of shoes! Purchase any size or style of Tip Toey Joey shoes from and a new pair of Tip Toey Joey shoes will be donated to a beginning walker in need.



    If you have any tips or tricks to add that may have helped make your recent photoshoot a success, please share with us in the comments below!

    It would make my day :)




    Photography by: Fourleaf Photography |
    Tee's, leggings and blankets: KEWE Clothing |
    Shoes: Friendly Rooster |


    • Codi Lynn said:

      I love all your tips, so so important each and everyone. I think if I had to add anything it would be that IF your child refuses to take a photo, then don’t force it. Do soemthing else for a bit and revisit it at a time when they maybe chanfed their mind:)

      July 31, 2016

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